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The Architecture Model Workshop was established for the creation (atelier), exhibit (gallery) and production (factory) of architectural models. The space is intended to allow more people to learn the role played by and the potential of architecture models by making architecture models a more familiar presence. Model craftsmen are on site full-time, producing and restoring architecture models, and the facility is open to anyone who wishes to view the modeling process, something people normally do not have an opportunity to see.
The Architecture Model Workshop also designs, produces and sells original architecture models and related merchandise. New products and events are scheduled to be announced on a regular basis.


With a focus on architecture, this is a place for daily contemplation of the pursuit of new possibilities for and relationships between things and ideas. The Atelier is ground-zero for the creation of new things from connecting a diversity of various points.


Art is born of new perspectives free of all restrictions. It leads us out of existing common knowledge to a new wisdom, and provides the trigger for generating new concepts. The Gallery is a special space where visitors can physically experience the starting point of new creations.


Thinking with one's hands is an essential act in the creation of new things, and an important process. Conversely, the repeated act of creation grows out of that process. The Factory is a place for giving shape to creativity.


What is Architecture Model Workshop?
It was opened as a workshop to mainly receive orders of architectural models, create and repair them. In our workshop, our experts in architectural model are here full-time, and visitors can see how the models are being created, which cannot be seen normally. Also, we are designing, creating and selling our original goods here.
How much does it cost to make an architectural model?
It depends on the size, materials, etc. It will take about a month to complete a model after we receive your order. As for details, please contact us.
How long does it take to receive the model I ordered?
It depends on the size, materials...It will take about a month to complete a model after we receive your order. As for details, please contact us.
How many types of architectural model are there?
There are "study" model, "concept" model, "exterior" model, "volume" model, "urban" models, "landscaping design models, "presentation" model, "detail" model, "cross-section" model, "interior" model, "construction" model, "mock-up" model, "sample" model, etc.
Please tell me how to order an architectural model.
First, we have to discuss the detail together, using the information and materials you bring such as technical drawings, budget, and requests. We will show you the actual sample models, develop your image, and then start to create the model you order.
Can I order a special order model to display or enjoy looking?
Yes. It is possible to order model replicas of the works by famous architects or famous architectures only when the replicas are not used for the purpose of sale.
What kind of original items are there in the workshop?
Currently, there are miniature steel chairs, sets of silhouette figures, custom-madel silhouette figures, silhouette model trees and others. New items will be often released.
Do you organize events or workshops?
It is in the planning stage. The information about events or workshops will be announced on the NEWS page of our website. As an example of our plans, a workshop to make original silhouette figures will be offered in our place. Though it will be open to children (three year old and older), the number of the participants will be limited.
Do you have any internship programs?
As our company, Design Office ATELIER HASEGAWA TAKUMI Inc., we have an internship program. An interview application is accepted any time. Please contact if you are interested.


2-6-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 JAPAN

About 3-minute walk from Tokyo Monorail 'Tennozu Isle Station'
About 2-minute walk from Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Rinkai Line 'Tennozu Isle Station'

Open Hours 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Closed on Sun, Mon and National Holidays